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Discriminatory Chants
FIFA warns Mexico over discriminatory chants at Confed Cup. SOCHI, Russia (AP) FIFA has warned Mexico about the conduct of
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Gold Cup
World Cup status more secure, U.S. soccer shifts attention toward Gold Cup With the U.S. World Cup qualifying campaign on
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Tough Security
Russia readies tough security measures for Confed Cup APJun 15, 2017 at 8:43a ET MOSCOW (AP) Terrorists, hooligans and anti-corruption
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Your Path To the Pros

Taking challenges youth athletes face to create life changing opportunities.
Sport-11 is a USA based company run by professionals with extensive knowledge in soccer, technology, and video streaming. Merging these skills and capabilities with the scouting and recruiting process will create opportunities for the young athlete never before seen in the soccer arena.

Videos / Podcasts

Educational & Nutritional experts will lend their expertise on how to treat your body and get the most out of it when going through the rigors of training both on and off the pitch.

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