Womens' World Cup France

Tour Dates: June 22 - 30, 2019

Open to Teams and Individuals of all age groups.

The Ultimate Trip for Girls! The Girls will watch 3 WWC Matches LIVE, as well as, play against 3 PRO Academies and train with 2 additional PRO Academies. This is the trip of all trips for the soccer enthusiast!

Gothia Cup 2019

Tour Dates: July 15 - 21, 2019

Open to Teams and Individuals of ALL Ages.

This is the #1 Tournament in the WORLD! Play teams from Tachuici, Bolivia, France, Spain, England, Denmark and Sweden. With over 1,650 teams from 80+ Nations, to win this event, you will truly need to be one of the Best in the World!

Sport-11 Boys UK Tour

Tour Dates: August 18 - 26, 2019

Open to Boys U9 - U16

Highlighted by the Derby Festival. Hosted at Derby Counties Moor Farm Complex; Pro Academies Derby County, Chelsea, Manchester United, Rangers FC, Everton, Red Devils, Middlesborough and Glasgow Rangers all plan to attend.

In addition, the boys will also play Reading and receive training from Pro Academies