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What is Sport-11’s Elite Player Portal?

Sport-11 is a Veteran owned pioneering software company with a ground-breaking recruiting module available to amateur athletes from around the globe ages U9-U21. This online system will create life changing opportunities to be seen by potential professional scouts and/or coaches that will also include educational videos, podcasts, newsletters and a host of other robust features.Elite Player Portal - Login Screen

To accomplish this, within Sport-11 we have what we call the Elite Player Portal (EPP). This portal will allow athletes unlimited opportunities to be viewed by professional scouts and/or coaches worldwide; providing opportunities that never before existed. This portal will appeal to all walks of life, those that are affluent and those that cannot normally afford to play at a high level will all be given an equal opportunity at unfounded success.

The portal is set up in a manner which is easily maneuverable both on the front-end and back-end. The front-end user (athletes) create an account and upload game videos along with a detailed physical and psychological profile and analysis.

The back-end user (professional scout/club coaches) will be granted user licenses (upon purchasing) to access all of the players and videos in the system and have the ability to make notes, catalogue, put in their club’s private scouting bucket, download and export, do any type of queries that they wish, to include citizenship and much more.

If the professional clubs likes what they see, Sport-11 acts as the liaison between the player and the club until that player is either no longer being scouted or signed to a professional contract.

Sport-11’s Talent ID program provides an opportunity for the Country’s elite players to be identified.  We believe in giving elite youth players opportunities that never before existed is crucial to the development of soccer in this country going forward.

Talent ID Process

  • Player Registers in the Elite Player Portal
  • Player submits video links to game footage
  • Player is Evaluated based on video footage submitted and given a “Category Level 1,2 or 3” by our team of scouts
  • Category Level determines level of Talent with Category 1 being the highest
  • If further information is needed per requesting scout, further Evaluation and/or Scouting may occur
  • Invitation: Selected players will be invited for a mini-camp and/or trial at either the US Youth National Team, Academy Program (non-MLS), MLS Academy or Professional Club Academy (overseas)
  • Euro Tours: Selected players will be invited to participate in a Academy Games Tour in respective countries. Sport-11 along with professional scouts will evaluate and select players
  • Combines: Two combines will be held annually to highlight selected players. These combines will cover ALL age groups and will be represented by staff at all levels.

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